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Practice Areas

Sandy Law Firm is a general practice including but not limited to the areas of:

Criminal Defense

Many people who find themselves experiencing legal trouble think they cannot afford to hire an attorney.  The truth is, if you have been charged with a crime that threatens to disrupt your family, your livelihood, and your life; many times you can’t afford NOT to hire an attorney.

If you or someone you love finds themselves facing legal problems, confidence in your attorney is critical. 

Sandy Law Firm was founded in 1982 by John L. Sandy. The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm have over 50 years of experience in criminal law and family and civil litigation. The lawyers at Sandy Law Firm have both prosecution and defense backgrounds which translates into a wealth of experience to call upon when representing you.  The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm have successfully defended many types of clients, including businesses, police officers, political figures, and fellow attorneys. 

Sandy Law Firm has represented individuals charged in both State and Federal court through all stages of the criminal proceedings, from pre-charge, through trial and eventual appeal.  The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm have experience handling all types of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies, including traffic violations, driving while impaired (OWI), assault, theft, sexual misconduct, drug offenses, criminal vehicular homicide or injury, white collar crimes, money laundering, child abuse, pornography, and murder.

Sandy Law Firm handles Iowa and Minnesota as well as federal criminal defense cases. The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm are available 24 hours a day.  The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm understand how important it is that you have confidence in the representation you choose at this very serious time in your life. The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm are hard-working, aggressive, and committed to providing a thorough defense for their clients.

Family Law

Practicing family law requires legal expertise and sensitivity to the needs of our clients.  Sandy Law Firm’s family law attorneys are professionals with extensive experience in trial and negotiation, settlement skills and mediation. Sandy Law Firm can effectively handle: divorce, paternity proceedings, child custody, parenting time, mediation, private early neutral evaluation, child support, division of marital and non-marital property, including business interests, spousal maintenance, domestic abuse, adoption, and restraining orders

Modification of child support, custody or parental access is often necessary due to changed circumstances and we can continue to help even after the decree has been entered. The attorneys at Sandy Law work effectively, accurately, and in a persistent manner in order to resolve legal issues in the best interests of our clients. The attorneys at Sandy Law Firm are sensitive to the financial and personal challenges their clients face.


General liability can be viewed to include all different types of claims that have as its underlying basis, negligence. The attorneys at Sandy Law handle claims involving animal bites, automobile accidents, professional liability, products liability, wrongful death, construction accidents, along with a myriad of farm accidents causing personal injury. Premises liability involves injuries that take place on property owned or occupied by another. It can involve, among other things, slip and falls at one’s home, assaults in taverns or injuries taking place at commercial sites. The attorneys at Sandy Law are familiar with the various duties owed and applicable standards of care. This is an area of the law in which experience plays an enormous factor in the outcome of a case. The attorneys at Sandy Law are experienced in both plaintiff and defense liability litigation and are ready and willing to aggressively seek justice in the midst of tragic circumstances

Appellate Litigation 

Obtaining successful results for clients does not end at the trial court level. In some cases, a result needs to be protected on appeal. In other cases, legal errors must be corrected by higher courts. In exceptional cases, new law must be created to address a particular fact situation. Effective appellate litigation requires the very best written and oral advocacy. The attorneys at Sandy Law bring a wealth of experience to appellate litigation. They have represented clients’ diverse interests at all levels of state and federal appellate courts.

Sandy Law handles appeals involving tort liability, criminal defense commercial litigation, contracts, employment law, family law, immunity, products liability, professional liability, property damage, and workers’ compensation.


The attorneys at Sandy Law are mindful of various alternatives to the courtroom to assist clients in resolving disputes economically. The attorneys at Sandy Law have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques such as mediation and various forms of arbitration. The attorneys at Sandy Law litigate cases aggressively when that approach serves their clients’ best interests, but they also emphasize early, fair resolution of conflicts outside the courtroom to avoid needless, protracted and expensive litigation.

Although the attorneys at Sandy Law are tenacious negotiators and aggressive litigators where those approaches are appropriate, they are also experienced in a variety of alternative dispute resolution techniques. The attorneys at Sandy Law have successfully utilized their negotiating and mediating experience, as well as a variety of types of arbitration to resolve pending lawsuits quickly and economically. John L. Sandy has been certified by the Iowa Public Employment Relations Board as an Ad hoc mediator and arbitrator. 

Estate Planning

Sandy Law Firm knows how important planning for the future is to its clients. Utilizing their experience in developing Business and Individual Transition Plans and the preparation of estate planning documents such as wills and trusts, the attorneys at Sandy Law can help you develop a plan designed to avoid family and business conflicts and to minimize payment of taxes and expenses. They can also assist you with other lifetime planning concerns, such as family business succession issues, planning for retirement, and for future medical needs. Their team of lawyers can assist you with the administration of a trust or probate an estate so that it is handled efficiently, cost-effectively and in a dignified manner.

Business Law  

Sandy Law Firm’s business clients depend on them for assistance with a wide range of corporate and business issues. They help clients form or dissolve corporations, partnerships, and other forms of business entities such as limited liability companies. They assist with the purchase, acquisition, merger or sale of businesses and help their clients ensure that the contracts or buy-sell agreements they sign are well drafted and protect their interests.

The attorneys at Sandy Law advise clients about the intricacies of business taxation, of business succession issues, of raising capital for business operations and on termination or liquidation of their businesses. Should business disputes arise, they have experience handling complex negotiations, arbitration or litigation, if necessary, to protect their client’s interests. They strive to go a step beyond by providing legal services and understanding the client’s big picture so that they can provide helpful and appropriate business advice.